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Trained Kids’ Orthodontic Care in Surrey, BC

In certain situations, your child may need orthodontics. There are many factors that could result in the need for orthodontics other than merely straightening the teeth. A very modern approach to orthodontics in children and teens is to cultivate the natural growth of your child’s jawbones, aiding in the establishment of the ideal arrangement of teeth. This will also help your child to achieve a maximum state of oral and overall health. By intervening early on, one can oftentimes avoid surgery later in life. This transcends the focus of straightening teeth, resulting in the optimal growth and structure of the face and jaw.

Triton Dental is a preferred Invisalign® provider and equipped to provide quality oral healthcare to you and your family. Visit us to make sure that your kids have healthy teeth.

Benefits of Early Orthodontics

If you don’t want your child to grow up with misaligned teeth and uninterrupted jaw bone growth, you must consult a kids’ orthodontist when your child is still very young. There are many benefits of early orthodontics treatment. Some are listed here: