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Reliable Pediatric Dentistry in Surrey, BC

Pediatric dentistry, provided by Triton Dental in Surrey, is the act of caring for your child’s oral care from infancy to the final days of their teenage years. We understand the various stages of growth your child’s mouth goes through and are equipped with the knowledge and techniques needed to address minor to critical issues.

We ensure your child’s dental needs will be met, and any anxiety will be alleviated. Our dedicated staff will soothe your child’s worries, if needed, and will exceed your expectations of care for your child. We have a fun play area where your child can enjoy while we discuss the treatment.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is a field of dentistry that specializes in children’s dental health. Pediatric dental treatments are essential because children have difficulty keeping their teeth clean and it prevent any dental problems.

Benefits of Pediatric Dental Care

There are several benefits of pediatric dental care, including:

➔ Specialized training

Pediatric dentists get extra professional training for an extended two to three years once they graduate from dental school, concentrating on the growth of babies, children, teens, and children who need special care. These dentists are more capable of dealing with issues that arise in children’s mouths.

➔ Keeping children calm

Pediatric dentists work solely with children and are aware of children’s most frequent issues during a dental appointment. They personalize their strategy to each child’s unique condition.

➔ Addressing a child’s bad habits

Kids unintentionally develop undesirable habits; the most common are teeth grinding and thumb sucking. These behaviours are difficult to change, and they can also hurt a child’s teeth. Taking your child to a pediatric dentist at a young age helps the dentist educate your child on the importance of avoiding these practices to protect their teeth.

➔ Comprehensive dental care

Pediatric dentists provide complete, specialized treatment for children. Brushing and flossing correctly, eating patterns, testing for optimal fluoride levels, and applying tooth sealants are just a few of the dental treatments they offer. They can also help if your kid needs fillings to preserve their teeth from rotting.

All-Inclusive Pediatric Dentistry

As one of the leading pediatric dentists in Surrey, we aim to provide your children with the best care that they deserve. We offer various services to  ensure that every problem, from minor to major, is well taken care of. Here are the pediatric dentistry services that we offer:

Kids’ teeth fillings

Pulpotomy / Pulpectomy

Kids’ dental sealants

Kids’ dental sealants


Kids’ stainless steel crowns

Kids’ stainless steel crowns

Teeth cleaning

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