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Habit Control Appliances & Space Maintainers for Children in Surrey, BC

Young kids are often seen engaging in habits that may not be very good for their health in the long run. Along with such habits, kids’ oral health is under attack because of other factors such as lack of care to the spaces left behind by damaged primary teeth. With so many challenges, it is important to lay proper emphasis on kids’ oral hygiene and health. Space maintainers and habit control appliances come as rather helpful tools in such situations. With these devices you can preserve your kids’ oral health so that they have a healthy mouth for long. Visit us to discuss.

Habit Control Appliances

Habit controlling appliances help to protect your child’s teeth and gums in situations where certain habits can be detrimental. Finger/thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and even nail-biting can lead to altered positioning of the jaw during early development. This can ultimately modify the natural growth of the jaw bone itself, leading to malpositioning of the teeth. We offer certain appliances that are made specifically to target and curb these habits. A tongue crib, for example, can be cemented to the teeth, preventing your child from continually sucking their thumb. This eventually breaks the habit. After a few short months, these appliances can be removed. At Triton Dental, Surrey, we provide the best pediatric dentistry to your child. 

Here are some benefits of such appliances:

Space Maintainers for Children

There are situations where the primary, or milk, teeth cannot be saved due to extensive damage from cavities or trauma. However, it is very important that the space left behind is preserved, and the prevention of “drifting” teeth must become a priority. This must be done until the permanent teeth have come in. Drifting teeth can crowd the empty space, blocking the emergence of permanent teeth. We offer space maintainers that are cemented on the adjacent teeth to aid in the prevention of drifting. These space maintainers can be removed once the permanent teeth begin to emerge.

Space maintainers come with the following benefits for kids: