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Pediatric Teeth Cleaning in Surrey, BC

Your child’s teeth have three primary layers. A cavity may spread to the third layer, which is the innermost layer containing the nerve and blood supply to the tooth. These situations usually result in the need to remove the infected area and application of medication in order to ensure the continued functionality of the tooth. A pulpotomy is a procedure that partially removes these tissues and replaces them with a layer of medication and covers them with a filling or stainless steel crown – whichever is best suited.

A pulpectomy is very similar to a pulpotomy. However, where a pulpotomy is a partial procedure, a pulpectomy is complete. All of the soft tissues are removed and medication is placed throughout the entirety of the root system. At this point, a stainless steel crown or filling is used to cover the area. At Triton Dental, Surrey, we assess the needs of your child and discuss the treatment with you.

Taking Care of Teeth After Pulpotomy & Pulpectomy

After any dental procedure, your teeth are vulnerable. This is more prominent in pediatric dentistry as children are generally more susceptible to catching bacteria. Once we are done performing pulpotomy/pulpectomy on their teeth, this is what you should do: