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Fix the Gap Between Your Teeth With Bridges in Surrey, BC

A dental bridge is a prosthetic, known as pontic. It is a false tooth that can be used in place of an actual missing tooth to bridge the gap. Bridges are similar to crowns in that they attach to two teeth on either side of one or more missing teeth. Bridges are fixed prosthesis and they restore natural chewing, bite, as well as the appearance of the teeth. Bridges can be composed of gold, ceramic or metal combination depending on the position, bite and location of the missing teeth. Bridges can also help restore your confidence and your appearance.

At Triton Dental, we make sure that your smile remains as beautiful as ever. With the help of dental bridges, we fill any gap between your teeth that has been keeping you from showing your pearly whites. You can book an appointment to discuss the procedure.

Implant Bridges for Damaged Teeth

Implant bridges begin with titanium implants that are placed in the upper or lower jaw. A bridge is attached to the implants, creating a seamless transition from tooth to tooth. Implant bridges are most common where there are several missing or severely damaged teeth consecutively. This option allows for a restored bite, function, and jaw integrity and has a great aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Bridges and Implant Bridges