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Affordable Dental Filling Services in Surrey, BC

Dental fillings are one of the most common and essential restorative dentistry techniques. Most adults get dental fillings done at least once in their lifetime. Fillings are used to replace any damaged tooth structure which may be caused by dental cavities, a fracture, chipping or age-related wear. At Triton Dental, we examine the requirements of your teeth and suggest an appropriate treatment accordingly. We do our best to restore your tooth to its full glory. Whether you are looking for a dental filling, filling replacement or root canal, you can always visit our clinic in Surrey and discuss your oral health with us.

Dental Filling Replacement & Maintenance

A dental filling is very efficient in saving a tooth. The composite filling bonds directly to the tooth, thus, requires far less tooth removal. In one appointment, the tooth is prepped, bonded, and colored to match your existing teeth. While it is intended to replace the tooth structure lost to decay or general wear, it is not a permanent solution. Drinking, eating, and grinding will put stress in the filling which would then be replaced. Amalgam, composite or glass ionomer, whichever dental filling you choose, we can help you in maintaining them. You can book an appointment for dental filling replacement at our clinic.

Restorative Root Canal

A root canal is performed in order to save a tooth that would otherwise require extraction. RCT is recommended when pulp tissue is damaged or infected from cavities, trauma, fracture or a combination of cavities and gum disease. A root canal replaces the diseased nerve tissue in the tooth’s root with artificial filling material, aiding the tooth to function completely normal for years to come. It is always advised to have a crown added to restore the structure and functional integrity of the tooth.