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Providing top quality dentistry in Surrey, BC

We aim to provide top quality dental care with different specialties of dentistry under one roof at our clinic covering Surrey and Delta areas. Our well-qualified dentists will provide basic dental care solutions as well as specialized custom solutions to meet the patient’s needs. Using the latest techniques and equipment, we constantly strive to provide the best dental care for our patients. Our friendly staff creates a positive environment to make you comfortable, while our experts provide you with customized dental solutions.
Patients are our number one priority. Each patient that comes to our office in Surrey, becomes a member of our family and is treated as such.We listen to our patients and address their concerns, anxieties and expectations. We take time to explain all the treatment options from the beginning to the end with every patient. We are committed to high moral and ethical standards of service and excellence in dentistry. We answer all questions allowing patients to choose the treatment option that they are most comfortable with as we believe in informed decisions.

At Triton Dental we keep up with the latest technology, equipment and procedures. We treat new borns to elderly and everyone in between. We are a family practice with qualified professionals experienced in all aspects of dentistry. We work with other health care professionals to assist our patients in attaining their health goals.

Everyone deserves the best smile possible and we do not want anyone to be turned away from a new healthy smile due to treatment costs. We work with your insurance company to ensure your benefits are being maximized, and work within your budget. We want everyone who comes to our office to be excited about their next visit and hence make their experience as pleasant as possible.
We offer convenient appointment times and always try to accommodate all patient needs and requests. We remain hundred percent committed to meeting your demands while striving for excellence.

We are excited to share this great new facility to improve our services to you. The new location includes:

  • Great convenient location just blocks from our past location
  • Is situated in a brand new professional building with a ground floor unit and full handicap access & parking
  • State of the art equipment for the great comfortable treatment at each visit
  • Massage chair, blankets, hot & cold beverages, TV’s with wireless headphones, WiFi all for your comfort
  • A fun children’s play area to keep the whole family happy

    Think no more! Walk into our dental clinic to address your dental needs and walk out with a smile.

  • Invisalign

    • Clear aligners are virtually invisible
    • Smooth comfortable plastic aligners
    • Aligners are removable for easy cleaning
    • Eat whatever you want


    • Requires brackets and wires
    • Wires can poke and irritate mouth
    • Brushing and flossing require more effort
    • Many food restrictions
    Surrey Dentist


    Patients of all age groups are in good hands with us. Our team consists of highly motivated, very well trained dental health specialists. We understand how to care for anxiety patients with extreme sensitivity. Trust in an individual therapy concept with the best possible solution for you.


    A beautiful and natural smile of the patients - that is the goal of the dentists of Triton Dental. A team of highly trained dental professionals, state of the art diagnostic tools and individual, high-quality laboratory work - all in a pleasant, personal atmosphere - offers every patient a competent and stress-free treatment.


    Our dentist will do their best to answer any questions you have about your dental and oral health. We work consciously with gentle therapeutic methods. With proactive care, we help you to keep your mouth healthy as long as possible.

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     Wheelchair accessible

    Our facility is wheelchair friendly
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